"I took the Sound Bath Healing class last Sunday with Alex Radoaca. It was a unique and immersive experience. Alex played an array of drums, chimes, bowls, tuning forks and other instruments, sometimes walking around the room with them. It took me on a sensory and emotional roller coaster ride. Afterward I felt calmer but stimulated and more alert. I recommend exploring sound immersion when you see it offered. I plan on dipping into it again." -- Dana

"Rose and her teachers at the Warwick Yoga Center have changed my life!  After taking only one class I felt amazing, slept better than I have in months and woke up the next day refreshed and energized!" -- Gregg M

"I have to say Loren is a wonderful instructor and thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her. She keeps me wanting to come back. Wed. we had restorative yoga and we all needed it. Felt wonderful when I left. Pass this review on because she is a winner." -- Beryl

"Always a great way to start the day! A wonderful stretching  program to wake up those tired limbs. Rose, Margaret, Loren and Paul are the best and they know how to adjust props to accommodate each individual. Since I have been going, my muscles and tendons have strengthened immensely even after double hip replacements.  So thankful for these classes and the fabulous instructors. Namaste!!!" -- Evie

"This is my 2nd set of 10 Yoga for Seniors and I am absolutely loving it.  I tried getting a yoga CD from the library but I missed the "group" setting and the actual teacher waling around and doing minor adjustments when needed on a position.  Thanks to Rose, Loren and Maura (those are the teachers i have had so far)." -- PK

"As a new student of yoga, I was concerned about what would be expected of me. I had never been particularly flexible, and had a bad back and plantar fasciitis. From the moment I walked through the door, the instructor was welcoming and extremely helpful and encouraging. I never felt like I shouldn't be there because I was holding anyone back. We all work at our own pace, and I have made so much progress with my strength and flexibility. My plantar fasciitis is gone, and my back are much improved. I can't recommend or thank them enough." Carol

"Senior Yoga has given me the perspective that I am still capable of many body movements in spite of my age.The class I take with Loren on Wednesday inspires us to do even more than we thought we could.  When I leave class I am revitalized and ready to face what the rest of the day expects of me." -- Beryl

"I began Seniors Yoga after I retired.  My purpose was to prevent loss of flexibility and to improve my stamina.  I have to say I accomplished both.  Each time I left a session I felt "lighter" in the sense that I moved easily and I felt I could go on for hours. It has been a great thing going to Seniors Yoga and I would highly recommend it for anyone who just needs a little "lift" for the day." -- PK

"Yoga is not just standing, stretching and holding poses. For me, yoga began and continues slowly in a small, cozy and clean studio led by a dynamic, optimistic and extremely knowledgeable Iyengar teacher. . Although my practice remains at a senior/occasionally level one status, my mind has been opened to meditation, mindfulness and breath regulation. Additionally, the instructor and class members provide a sincere atmosphere of support and camaraderie. Yoga is a highlight of my week." -- Mary K.  

"YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE! After years of suffering from back pain caused by Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis and several bulging disks; the chiropractic assistance I was receiving didn’t help me - I was advised to look into yoga. I chose to participate in Senior Yoga classes at Warwick Yoga Studio.  After a few sessions I started to feel improvement and today am totally pain free. I find the stretching exercises, meditation, and guidance by professional instructors, whom always consider issues the individual yogis may have, very enjoyable.  Also the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie one finds in the studio one carries along into the daily life.  I feel everyone should do yoga." -- Erna

"I'm sure that if I don't stretch and use my body, it will become more of a burden to me as I age. Yoga suits my temperament, quiet, relaxed, but emphasizing focus on my alignment and breathing. When I leave class I always feel better. My current teacher, Loren is a wonderful guide and companion on the journey, knowledgeable, caring, and often making me laugh. When I took classes with Rose in the past, I also felt I got a good workout and had a caring and knowledgeable guide." -- Chesley

"My experience of the Senior classes at the Warwick Yoga Center has been most heartening. Not only has my physical condition and range of motion improved, but the comradeship and bonding with other students is something that I look forward to every class that I take, which in my case is three times a week." -- Jerome

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