Our Gentle Yoga Communities

Hudson Valley
New York

Receptive Giving

a truly gentle yoga space on 24 Main Street in Warwick, NY 10990

Studio Owner, Katy, loves to teach Yinyasa style classes designed for energy management. Each of her classes is a unique combination of yin yoga poses / theory and creative vinyasa sequencing. She focuses on cycles found in nature, chakra-balancing, and TCM (traditional chinese medicine) to inspire her yoga flows. - Read more about Receptive Giving's community members:

Ashley, owner of Moon & Wind - Massage Therapy

Bryan - Yoga Instructor

Marina & Jody - Guest Teachers

Jenifer & Jenni - Women's Circle Facilitators



a village legacy studio for wholistic mind, body and spiritual health. Vastu moved from Main Street to 38 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Warwick, NY 10990